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About Lauren Reporting Live

Lauren Reporting Live began in 2013 when my family moved to Costa Rica for an adventure. My parents started a blog called the Costa Rica Howler. I was too young to keep up a written column, but I sure loved the camera.


“Wave,” my dad said one day as I got on the bus. He liked to document our whole experience.

“THIS IS LAUREN REPORTING LIVE AND I’M ABOUT TO GET ON THE BUS,” I yelled in my very serious, very professional, very loud reporter voice. I didn’t know it then, but “Lauren Reporting Live” was born, a series of short, energetic reports about people, places, and events that I’ve been posting ever since.

Once we were back in the states, the CEO of the Lake County Fair (an avid fan of my Costa Rican reports) hired me to make promotional videos. He paid me the real deal — ride tickets.



Since then, I’ve done reports from Fashion Week, the Indy 500, and other interesting places on three continents and posted interviews with former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Spectrum News Anchor Bianca Rae, and AGT Finalist Makayla Phillips.


I also have a 14-part series on getting my sailing captain’s license in the Grenadine Islands and a 9-part series teaches teenagers how to get their California drivers license.

In 2021, I developed an interview talk show called Lauren’s Corner which aired on Aztec News. Each week, I’d bring a new face onto the show and delve into their passions and stories.


Contact me! It's time to tell your story!

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