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Lauren's Peformance Journey

Shakespeare said that “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” This metaphor has served my life both literally and figuratively.

The Winner.jpeg

“What is it, Honey?” my mom asked.

“Everything’s okay,” I said, “I just want there to be people.” I swept my arms. “People everywhere, packed all the way to the back.”


Once a year, the county fair would roll into my small hometown bringing corn dogs, ferris wheels, and the highly anticipated local talent show. I begged my parents to let me take part. They bought me a second hand red guitar that was as tall as I was and signed me up for guitar lessons with my soon-to-be kindergarten teacher. For weeks, I practiced Somewhere Over the Rainbow, singing and plunking away. Three days before the big show, my parents took me to the outdoor stage so I could practice. I played through the song with my audience of two (who gave me a rowdy standing ovation), but something was wrong.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to perform.

After years at the talent show, I was offered the chance to sing the national anthem at the Lakeport Speedway, and as a race fan myself I couldn’t be more excited. So at 8 years old, I’d dress myself up in patriotic fashion and head to the track.

When my family moved to Palm Desert in 2016, I began getting serious about acting, singing, and performing. I joined theater and choir and had roles in multiple productions. I began organizing performances of at old-folks homes. And, I competed in the Rotary 4-Way Test speech contest, for which I placed every year. I also competed in Mock Trial as a witness throughout high school and was nominated for Riverside County Outstanding Witness of the Year.


Freshmen year, I played Maisie, a supporting role, in The Boyfriend.

Senior year, I starred in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and explored the possibilities of participating off-stage by directing High School Musical JR. I won Best Actress for Cinderella and was nominated for a Desert Theatre League award. I’m also proud to say I won Best Director for HSM JR, and Most Outstanding Student in Visual and Performing Arts for my overall participation throughout high school.

Currently, I’m the ensemble director at Chapman on Broadway and in Spring 2023, I directed the club’s first annual Grand Cabaret featuring 11 acts and 16 performers.


Have a performance opportunity?

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